Chris Ware original artwork 

            Pages 374-376 from "Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth"**,***

            Big Tex - I Feel Awful

            The Story of ACME Cartoon Company

            Jimmy Corrigan Cat Memo** - Sold 12/09

            Jimmy Corrigan World on a String

            Jimmy Corrigan Not in Color

            Jimmy Corrigan - Table for Two

            Jimmy Corrigan - You Can Do Whatever You Want

            "Quimby the Mouse." An ACME Comic-Toon. no. 35. - Sold 11/15

            Quimby the Mouse. Chapter 4. Home Life.

            Quimby, (the) Mouse I'm Feeling Much Better, Thanks***

  Quimby the Mouse Watery Recollections of Lost Companionship - Sold 1/11

  ACME Seasonal Spectacular Digest - Sold 2/04

  Rocket Sam in "Shipwrecked!" w/Big Tex & ACME Activity Corner no. 12

  Sparky's Best Comics and Stories with Quimby the Mouse:"Secret Hiding Place"***

  Sparky's Best Comics, Stories

  Jimmy Corrigan - Yet Another Tear-Jerker

  ACME's debut in Chicago's New City

  Jimmy Corrigan - How to Make Yourself Feel Better**

  Jimmy Corrigan - Another Humorless Romp

  Big Tex - 4-in-1

  Quimby the Mouse - A Christmas Vignette



Limited edition posters and prints:

  "Disposable Souvenir to the 2002 Whitney Biennial"***, signed

  Big Tex, signed

  Rocket Sam, signed

  Jimmy Corrigan***, signed 21/24

  Lake St.***, signed 122/200

  Holland Animation Film Festival

  Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire

  Untitled, signed 126/136

  Jimmy Corrigan promotional

  Chris Ware Exhibit Poster-MCA Chicago


  Adam Baumgold Exhibition Poster


  The Savages Movie Poster

  Comics: Philosophy and Practice Poster

  Comix Chicago Poster

  Quimby's Bookstore 20th Anniversary Print

  Arthur B. Heurtley House (1902)

  Charles A Purcell House (1909)

  New Home for History

  "Stuffing" and "Conversation"

  "Family" and "Main Course"


  "Tin Toy Blueprint", signed 30/175



Loaned legend

**No Joke: The Spirit of American Comics. ***FUMETTO > INTERNATIONAL, Changes in Contemporary Comics.